How To Win At Slots

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Ever since the advent of slots, slots lovers across the globe have come up with different strategies and tips on how to win at slots. As odds are usually set against you, these strategies and tips are meant to help improve your chances of wining your favorite slot game.


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Select a Casino with High Payout

The first rule on how to win at slots is to first select an online casino that has a better payout rate. Playing at an online casino with a high payout rate means that you are likely to win as opposed to playing at a casino that offer lower payout rate.

Select Slots That Offer Free Spins and Bonuses 

It is advisable to select slots with multiple features like free spins and bonuses as this will greatly increase your chances of winning. Free spins and bonuses will increase your playing time and number of spins.

Go For Progressive Slot Machines

Most slot games are divided into two, top payout slots and progressive slots. With top payout slot machines, there is a fixed maximum payout for a particular slot combination. Playing at progressive slot machines is advantages as the more you play, the jackpot amount that you could win increases progressively. Playing progressive slot machines will not only increase your chances of winning but you will also win big.

Do Not Be Carried Away

Another tip on how to win at slots is not to be carried away by the slots game. It is important to set a side your bankroll and stick to your limits even if you lose. Slots have psychological effects on players and one may feel that they are on the verge of winning with every spin. Even if you are on a winning spree, do not get swept away and wager more.

Canadian Online Slots –Frequently Asked Questions

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online slots canadaNew online players at Canadian casinos always ask questions about the slot machines available, mode of payment and other issues concerning their first gambling experience. Here are some of the common questions asked by new casino players in major Canadian online slots.

Are Online Slots Legal in Canada?

Most Canadian provinces such as Ontario and Manitoba allow online betting for individuals who are 18 years or older. Others have 21 as the minimum age for joining a Canadian casino as a player. So, yes online casinos are legal in Canada and you are free to join and play slots as long as you have reached the minimum age required in your province.

Should I Play the Download Versions or Instant Play Versions of Canadian Online Slots?

The type of slots games you play depend on your taste. Some people prefer casinos that allow users to download the slots software into their device’s operating system while others will only allow instant play usage. Downloadable casino versions normally offer additional games and options and are therefore more appealing especially for new users. Instant play is on the other hand useful if you really would like to get a quick start gambling.

What is the Welcome Bonus in Online Slots?

The welcome bonuses at are usually provided as soon as you sign up in order to entice you into becoming a regular player. Some casinos will offer cash while others free games as welcome bonuses for new players.

What is Wager Requirement in Online Canadian Casinos?

Wager requirements are stipulations set out by casinos that mandates a player to gamble particular times before you try to withdraw the bonus provided by the casino successfully. For example, if the wager requirement for an online slot is 10x, a player must wager 10 times the bonus provided by the casino before withdrawing the money.

How do you Withdraw my Winnings on Online Slots?

This usually depends on the Canadian casino you joined. In most cases, the same method you used to sign up and load your account is what the casino will use to send you winnings as soon as you play and succeed. Remember to check with your casino to find out if there are other possible ways of making a withdrawal of your winnings.

Hopefully, you will get helpful insights from these frequently asked questions on playing Platinum Play Casino Canada. Remember that every casino has its own rules and ways of doing things. Also, remember to ask for help if you need clarification on certain things as you play the slots games online.

How To Choose From The Different Slot Games Online

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With the thousands of different slot games one can choose from online, it can be difficult for Canadian players to filter through them all to find the very best. A number of factors come into consideration while searching for the correct slot game. The idea is for the player is to waste no time in attempting to discover the correct match from the slots that are available online.

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The question to ask then is, where can I find the right game?

A very simple and effective way to make sure that the proper choice has been made is by searching through a list of approved online sites in Canada. Once the directory is retrieved, the user will be able to see the best slot games that have the top reviews. A few of the key features that one can look for are the welcoming bonuses, the variety of the different slot games, and the graphics to ensure that the game is entirely enjoyed.

It is also important to mention that you do not have to download any of the software. Many of the internet slots allow the user to play on their mobile device or in their browser.

Many times, the Canadian approved sites will also have the option to select free slots in order to test the game out. In this way, the user will potentially be able to discover a new slot game that they find they take pleasure in but have never heard of prior to testing it out.

The most important idea to consider is that each of the different slot games have their own rules and betting structure. When beginning a game on a certain slot machine, take a moment to understand the rules associated with that particular game.

Before you begin playing, it is also advisable to set aside a budget to play with when entering the slot games.

How to Get the Best Online Casino Bonus

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Every Canadian going online to enjoy some casino gaming is going to be looking for an online casino bonus to get started, and why wouldn’t they? It’s par for the course for sites such as this, who offer so many gaming options to “sweeten the pot” so-to-speak for their visitors, by offering additional bonuses or perks for signing up.

Imagine going to the mailbox today and taking out the mail only to find one of the envelopes filled with a few hundred in cash. That wouldn’t be a problem would it? Well, essentially that is what is happening when you get an online casino bonus just for getting started with your first deposit. It’s called free money, ever heard of it?

Anyway, it’s not all about the dollars and cents. It’s about the common-sense. Somebody wants to give away free money to people willing to sit in front of their computer and play games. That’s not even touching on the fact that there’s a nice chance that those free credits could turn around into a pretty hefty windfall if it’s somebody’s lucky day.

It is so crucial to not only align yourself with the casinos with the best bonuses, but also to find out which are the best casinos in general. Fortunately, here there is no need for a compromise. The incredible bonuses are available alongside some of the best gaming experiences available to Canadian online gamblers anywhere are all par for the course on this site.

One of Canada’s most notable and trusted online casinos, winners are made every single day. In fact, our new players become winners just by signing up. They realize that they are so valued they they’re getting free funds just to sign up and give our site a chance. There’s no doubt that you’ll stay and enjoy the fun gaming options of all types which are available.